Friday, October 5, 2018

It's October, Here Is The News!

It is great to see everyone enjoying the new books that we have in our library.  Have you discovered a favourite author yet?  There are still some more new books to be added to the shelves; lots more non-fiction books to help with your topic work.
The Library Needs You!!!
The library helpers from Key Stage 2 are doing a great job trying to keep your library tidy, thank you all, but they can't do this all by themselves.  They need YOU to help them too.  How?
When you bring a book back to the library DON'T just: 
-leave it by the computer 
- leave it on a table
- chuck it on the floor (it has been done!!)
- put it back on any old shelf (this has been done too!!)  
We are so lucky to have all these books, we must treat them kindly.
This means you too!  Thanks.

Author Visit
It was was great to have Tamsin from Kenilworth Books in school last week.  
She told us all about Chris Priestley who will be visiting our school 
on Wednesday 10th October.
How lucky are we to have a popular children's author visiting us.  
We have some of his books in the library too.  You can find out what he has written here:

Be prepared to be spooked, just right for October!

Keep Reading,
Mrs Henshaw

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Writing A Book Review (Pinned post)

So, you have read a fantastic book from the library (or... it may have been a bit of a let down)
 and you want to write a review for your fellow classmates.....
..... then follow these simple instructions.

  1. Click 'Review' on the home page
  2.  Scan your reader number from the blue file
  3. Choose the book title from your 'long' list of borrowed books that you wish to review
  4. Then click 'Review this book'
  5. Answer the questions about the selected book.  Feel free to use different fonts, styles,  smilies :) and colours when writing your review.
  6. Click 'Save' to send your review to Mrs Henshaw who will read, approve and publish the best ones.  (Hint..make yours really interesting to see it in print!)

Still not sure 'how to',  then catch Mrs Henshaw in The Nest or in Maple Class every morning.
I'm looking forward to reading all your great reviews, I may even organise a monthly prize for the best one :)  What are you waiting for?
PS... Make sure you are not missing lessons to write reviews!!!

Mrs Henshaw

Saturday, February 3, 2018


A date for your diary!

Why don't you start thinking now about your costume this year? There are lots of 
new books published every month.  If you start looking now, chances are that your 
choice will be unique.  Don't worry though, there are plenty of old favourites
to choose from still.  Check the Library blog between now and March 1st
for ideas to help you decide.

It will be here before you know it!

Mrs Henshaw

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Between the Lions: Song - "Read a Book Today"


The Library is as busy as ever.  
It is great to see so many
of you enjoying your reading this term.
Thank you to everyone who applied to be a Library Monitor.
It was very difficult to choose.  I have put up a rota on the door to Reception. 
I'm sure you will all do a great job in keeping it tidy and organised.

There is some exciting news this half term.  Mrs Bollands and I
are in the process of ordering even more new books!  That will be
something to look forward to later this year.
Keep Reading!

Mrs Henshaw

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas will soon be here. 
Who else is excited?
  Do you know who wrote this well known Christmas story?
 (Hint - you can find a copy of this book in the school library).

Have you read any other children's Christmas books? 
Yes! Then make sure you look in the library this week for the new Christmas quiz competition.  There are separate entries for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 
 Just answer the questions and pop your completed form in the box by Monday 18th December.  
Don't forget to add your name and class.
You might be the lucky winner of a Christmas treat!!
Good luck.

Mrs Henshaw
(P.S.  Did you get the author correct?  It was Clement Clarke Moore who claimed to have written it in 1837.)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Coming Soon!
Keep looking in the library for more new and exciting books!

Mrs Henshaw

Hello Readers!

I hope you are all enjoying reading the great new books
 that have been added to the library this term.
Look in the 'New Book' section of the library to find many of the
awesome titles that have been added so far.
Have you read the book that you or your class chose for the school yet?
Did you enjoy it, was it as good as you thought, would you recommend it? 
Don't forget you can write a review on the library computer when you have
a few moments to spare; to help your classmates with their book choices.
Here are some of our new non-fiction books.  Is there one for your topic?

Mrs Henshaw :)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Never taken a book from the library?

If you have never used our lovely library here at Howes then
you're certainly missing out!
We have lots of great fiction and information books just waiting
for you to read them.
You can borrow a book to read whenever you like, just follow the instructions
on the wall above the computer to issue and return your book.
You can keep your book for 2 weeks and if you haven't finished with it
then just return it and take it out again.
You can even write a review of your book on the library computer to recommend
a favourite book to all of your friends.
What are you waiting for?
(You never know where it will take you next).

Mrs Henshaw

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone
Welcome to 2017

Check this blog for information
about new and exciting books
appearing in the library
this year.